Product Overview

    AIRSAFE Round Gooseneck
    Pin Weight – 7,000 lbs
    G.T.W. – 25,000 lbs
    Part# 50100R
    AIRSAFE Square Gooseneck
    Pin Weight – 7,000 lbs
    G.T.W. – 25,000 lbs
    Part# 50100S

AIRSAFE™ Goosenecks
Round and Square necks.

AIRSAFE™ air hitch goosenecks are engineered with you and your precious cargo’s comfort and safety in mind. Our exclusive patented design protects cargo from injury by nearly eliminating shock transferred from the vehicle to the trailer. Veterinarian approved — your animals will love you. Construction industry tough. Prevents vehicle damage, driver fatique, and increases your gas mileage. What a great way to save your hard earned money. Our goal is for you and your cargo to “Arrive alive and enjoy the ride.”

We feature a 36,000lb rated solid steel coupler machined from solid bar stock insuring the best ball confectioned offered in the industry today. Inside the neck tube is two solid pieces of self lubricating Nyoil Blocks which allow for smooth maintenance free upward and down movement. Simply remove your existing gooseneck tube and coupler and replace it with the AIRSAFE™ system. Available in round and square necks.

Tough, durable and maintenance free our system also features two heavy duty air bags. These airbags are connected together allowing air to move back and forth eliminating the chucking, bucking, and surging caused by a rigid connection. Simply adjust air levels to the clearly marked height. About 50 psi is all you will need, you can use a portable air pump or any air compressor.

Square tube available – Special Order Call with specific application

* Any quote/estimate received from an Air Hitch Technology representative is valid for 30 days *

  • Two, 8” Industrial air springs Reduces Shock transfer by 90%. Both air bags air joined giving fluid front to bag air motion.
  • Quickly attaches to your existing trailer pin
  • Features a 1” and 2” spacer for proper trailer leveling
  • 36,000lb rated steel coupler machined from solid stock steel
  • No bearings to crush or wear-out, instead we use the military tough Nyloil® which is a self lubricating nylon.  So tough you can actually machine it.
  • Brass air fittings insure long life and helps ensure against air leaks
  • Powder coated for a tough durable finish giving longer life and increased visual appeal.
  • Engineered using Solid Works® the world’s most recognized engineering software.
  • Assembled with Class 5 nuts and bolts
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Shipped in custom formed foam clamshell and custom designed heavy duty durable box making sure the product arrives in tip-top shape.
  • DVD installation and instruction video available.