Receiver Hitch Installation Instructions

Weight Distribution Installation  Instructions

The following instructions should be used to mount AIRSAFE™ air hitch only. Please read and follow instructions before installation. Failure to follow these instructions may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

1. The ball mount plate has eight ½” drilled and tapped holes to receive the weight distribution bracket in two positions. For optimum position the bracket is mounted downward in the two middle holes and two bottom holes of the mounting plate. (If additional height is needed, the weight distribution bracket can be moved back up to the top position and mounted in the two top and middle holes of the mounting plate. This will provide a total movement of 1-3/4 inches). Once the bracket position has been selected then the bolts should be unscrewed from the plate. The weight distribution bracket is held in position, insert the bolts, with lock washers inserted. Torque the bolts to at least 55ft-lbs not to exceed 100ft-lbs. Now attach the weight distribution trunion (with the hitch ball mounted) to the weight distribution bracket, using the top third and sixth holes of the weight distribution bracket. This puts the base of the ball in line with the center of the hitch. If the ball needs to be lowered, the trunion can be lowered one hole at a time.

Insert 4 bolts and torque to 55 ft-lbs not to exceed 100ft-lbs.

2. Slide the hitch’s 2” shank into vehicle’s 2” receiver tube. Install pin and pin keeper (neither provided) into place.

3. Attach trailer to trunion ball and lock the trailer hitch into position.. Now lift up trailer using the trailer jack until the vehicle and trailer tongue are level.

4. Attach the trunion bars per manufacture’s instructions and guidelines. CAUTION: Do not exceed the manufacture’s guidelines. Do not over-tighten the trunion bars. Now inflate or deflate air spring to ensure tie rods are level/horizontal.

5. Attach safety chains, hook up brake lines, plug up lights and take care of any other safety items.

6. To unhitch the trailer, use the trailer jack to raise the tongue and hitch. Using manufacture’s guidelines, remove the trunion bars.