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Receiver Hitch Accessories

1/2" Plate Ball Mount Bracket

1/2″ Plate Ball Mount Bracket

for Class V & Class VI



12" Weight Distribution Bracket

12″ Weight Distribution Bracket


NOTE: Using this bracket

reduces towing rate by 25%

3/4" Plate HD Ball Mount Bracket

3/4″ Plate HD Ball Mount Bracket

for Class VII & Class VIII



20 Ton Pintel

10 Ton Pintel


Adjustable Hitch Plate for

Class III & Class IV


Ball Mount – Simply slide into your receiver, pin, hook up your trailer, inflate air spring until steel tie rods are level, and tow away.

Weight Distribution Bracket – The only air hitch receiver specifically engineered to be used with weight distribution bracket.

Easy Pintel installation. You will not believe the ride. Virtually all of the shock between the tow vehicle and the trailer are eliminated.