AIRSAFE™ 25K Omni-Directional

AIRSAFE™ Air Hitches with their multi-directional movement deliver smooth motion adjusting to surge, bucking, twisting and trailer sway. Specifically engineered for today’s larger tow vehicles and trailers.
Available in Valley or Binkley Style

    Rating – 25K
    Pin Weight – 5,500 lbs
    G.T.V.W. – 25 ,000 lbs
    Valley Head Part# 25025
    (Comes standard with shock kit)

    Binkley Style Part# 25027
    (Comes standard with shock kit)

Adjustability • Flexibility • Reliability

2 heavy-duty air bagsFour exclusive tapered Air Springs absorb 90% of road shock resulting in a smooth, safe ride.

  • Increases Ride Quality
  • Increases Life of Transmission
  • Saves Gas
  • Increases Tire Life
  • Increases Life of Trailer
  • Increases Life of Electronics
  • Reduced Driver Fatigue
  • Full multi-directional motion, front to back, back to front , side to side, corner to corner for maximum shock absorption and ultimate ride control
  • Greatly reduces chucking, bucking, bouncing and surge
  • Quickly attaches to standard rails.
  • Disassembles quickly into 4 sections for easy removal.
  • Arrives completely assembled saving time and labor
  • All four air bags air joined together giving an unbelievably fluent air motion
  • No bearings to crush or wear-out, instead we use the military tough Nyloil® which is a self lubricating nylon. So tough you can actually machine it.
  • Powder coated for a tough durable finish giving longer life and increased visual appeal.
  • Engineered using Solid Works® the world’s most recognized engineering software.
  • Assembled with Class 8 nuts and bolts
  • You can upgrade your existing Reese, Husky, Valley or RBW 20K, 22K or 24K rigid connection 5th wheel into a world class air hitch.
  • Convenient air stem location for easy air access.
  • 2 year warranty. If for any reason an airbag should fail we have a no questions asked replacement policy. Simply call 866-41-HITCH and we will send a replacement directly to you anywhere in North America.
  • DVD installation and instruction video available.

VIDEO: AIRSAFE™ 20K & 25K 5th Wheel Hitch

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