Upgrade Existing 5th Wheel

Upgrade Your Current 15K, 16K or 18K 5th Wheel hitch into a First Class Air System

You’re almost there. You want a world-class air hitch system, but have already spent money on the traditional 5th wheel. You’re in luck … save money by simply using your existing HUSKY, VALLEY, RBW, or REESE 15K, 16K or 18K head, towers, and rails. Now remove your existing 5th wheel crossmember and replace it with the AIRSAFE AIRBOX. It’s that easy! Now, look below and find your AIRBOX™ air hitch upgrade. Installation is simple, the ride is unbelievable, and your quality of life improved.

* Any quote/estimate received from an Air Hitch Technology representative is valid for 30 days *

AIRBOX Upgrade*
Suggested Retail

Part #
Upgrade existing 5th wheels

Head, Tower and Rails not included

15K Reese Pro Series #24150
15K Reese #24151
16K Reese #24161
15K Husky/Valley #15150
16K Husky/Valley #16160
15K RBW Lil’ Rocker #24153
16K RBW X16 #24163
*(upgrade includes application-specific AIRBOX with hardware)