5th Wheel

AIRSAFE™ offers the industry’s largest selection of air hitches. Innovation and engineering insures you receive the safest and smoothest ride. “Enjoy the ride, arrive alive.”
With AIRSAFE™ you stop the flow of shock flow between the tow vehicle to the trailer and greatly reduce the explosion of energy when these two forces meet. The patented AIRSAFE™ hitches are engineered so the connection to the trailer is separated from the connection to the tow vehicle by an industrial strength airbag.
  • Reduces trailer and content fatigue.
  • Reduces driver fatigue.
  • Eliminates most all surging, bucking, chucking.
  • Increases tire and transmission life.
  • Saves Gas since you are moving forward not up and down
  • Increases the life of the electronics found throughout your truck and trailer.
  • Increase your ride quality.
  • Improves overall safety.
  • Increases your quality of life, you deserve an AIRSAFE™ hitch

AIRBOX 10K, 16K & 18K

This is the revolutionary AIRBOX™ line of 5th wheel hitches. This patent pending system places two air bags below the 5th wheel head absorbing 90% of the bucking, surging and twisting. The AIRBOX™  Revolution is the most versatile and compact 10K, 16K and 18K air system ever designed. It’s economically priced and AIRSAFE™ tough. Whether you have a long box or short box the AIRBOX™ is your ticket to a First Class Ride at the price of Coach.


20k 5th Wheel Air HitchFor the big jobs AIRSAFE™ offers our patented Omni-Directional 20K and 25K air hitch 5th wheel products. Once connected to the trailer simply adjust air levels for proper ride height. This maintenance free patented Omni-Directional (multi- directional ) system features 4 unique air bags located in each corner of the towers, all air bags are connected by lines allowing a free flow of air from bag to bag giving you a smooth , controlled ride. If for any reason air pressure is lost in the AIRSAFE™ products, they will simply turn into a rigid connection. With trailers getting larger and with more accessories such as slide-outs there has never been a greater need for AIRSAFE™ products. What is amazing is the huge amount of shock these large trailers transfer to the tow vehicle and how the AIRSAFE™ omni- directional system, absorbs this shock.

32K AIRSAFE™ Commercial Grade 5th wheel

We also offer the AIRSAFE™ 32K low profile commercial grade 5th wheel which is ideal for medium duty trucks and Class 8 conversions. The 32K AIRSAFE hitch features a 6000lb pin weight and 32,000 GVWR. We use a commercial grade Binkley full locking 1 ¼” locking jaws and a patented swivel Hyme joint for increased side to side motion and energy absorption. We feature a full 5/8” steel base plate to insure a commercial grade product.
AIRSAFE™ 5th Wheel Hitches